A staggering 93.5% of manufacturing and distribution (M&D) companies are already using AI in some capacity. It has transformative potential in knowledge discovery and search. While almost all manufacturers and distributors say they have integrated AI in some way, few are currently using it for knowledge discovery. This discrepancy raises the question:

What’s holding back a more extensive implementation of AI in knowledge discovery and search?

While AI is already making strides in manufacturing and distribution, its potential is far from fully realized. However, the expectations for the future are high. A whopping 89% of respondents believe that AI will significantly improve the search and knowledge discovery process in the coming years. This optimism is backed by the fact that 57% of organizations are somewhat likely to increase their usage of AI in these domains over the next 12 months. 31.5% are very likely to do so.

Furthermore, 66.5% of respondents plan to use AI for document summarization for employee searches in the next 12 months. 51% intend to employ AI for creating additive content in response to search queries. These numbers underscore the growing confidence in AI’s capabilities to make operations, including search and knowledge discovery, more relevant and efficient.

AI in Manufacturing and Distribution: Document Summarization and Smarter Search

One of the most common applications of AI is in document summarization. This application is a time and cost saver. But if the summarized information can’t be found when it’s needed, it’s not an effective application.

AI is proving to be a game-changer in the manufacturing and distribution sectors. AI is instrumental in summarizing vast amounts of internal documentation. This not only helps employees quickly find essential information but also promotes better decision-making based on comprehensive yet concise summaries. It’s like having an expert librarian who magically condenses lengthy books into digestible nuggets of wisdom.

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Artificial intelligence can take the powerful capability of summarization one step further to knowledge discovery. One of the remarkable applications is the creation of additive content in response to search queries. Simply put, this involves AI generating answers, summaries, and explanations related to a query based on the information it has ingested. It’s like having a helpful AI assistant that enhances search results to provide richer insights.

Unexplored Opportunities in AI for Manufacturing and Distribution

Despite the immense potential, there are some disparities in AI adoption. Notably, manufacturers and distribution companies with higher annual revenue are more likely to embrace AI for search and knowledge discovery. For instance, 63% of companies making $1 billion or more in annual revenue are using AI for these purposes compared to 30% of companies making $100 million to $1 billion in annual revenue.

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There’s also a regional divide. U.S. manufacturing and distribution companies lag behind their counterparts in the EMEA and APAC regions when it comes to implementing AI for search and discovery. 77% of EMEA respondents and 60% of APAC respondents are already using AI for these purposes, only 37% of U.S. respondents claim the same. While U.S. companies are using AI for various purposes, they are not fully capitalizing on its potential for search and knowledge discovery.

Discover More with Artificial Intelligence

As AI technology matures and organizations begin to see strategic results from their investments, AI for search and knowledge discovery is expected to rise steadily. Smaller budget organizations will also benefit from access to new AI solutions tailored for search applications.

The data paints an exciting picture for manufacturing and distribution decision-makers. While the current adoption rates are not as high as they could be, the industry’s enthusiasm for AI’s potential is palpable. The fusion of AI with search and knowledge discovery has the potential to bring about more accurate, efficient, and user-friendly operations. AI will not only make the search process more productive but will also accelerate knowledge acquisition and dissemination.

As you continue to steer your organization through these changes, remember that AI is your trusty co-pilot. It is ready to enhance your search and knowledge discovery processes and guide you towards success. By embracing AI in a comprehensive and strategic manner, manufacturing and distribution decision-makers can ensure that their organizations are well-prepared for the AI-driven future. Lucidworks can help you get there faster. Download the full report to learn more about the state of AI in manufacturing and contact us today to learn more.

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