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The Impact of Generative AI on Search and Knowledge Discovery in Manufacturing

Impact of Generative AI on Search and Knowledge Discovery in Manufacturing Thumbnail

The WBR insights research team outlines the benefits of AI in knowledge management and shares strategy considerations for manufacturers. The report answers these key questions:

  • Nearly all manufacturers and distributors use artificial intelligence today, but where and how do they deploy it?
  • Knowledge discovery and search are great places to integrate AI capabilities, but what roadblocks keep manufacturers from incorporating it?
  • Companies understand that AI will be one of the most important budget items in 2024, but how can they reliably measure ROI?

Although 66% of respondents consider their company’s use of AI for search and knowledge discovery to be somewhat mature, most AI programs in manufacturing and distribution are relatively immature compared to other industries. However, the report points to rapid growth and maturation in the next two years.

89% of respondents believe AI will make the search and discovery process „better“ for users—ensuring faster knowledge discovery and more relevant and valuable information. Generating quick quotes and managing customer relations are just a few of the additional business operations that artificial intelligence can enhance. Here’s what respondents are saying:

The end impact will be on the level of competitiveness a business will have when they base their decisions on knowledge provided by AI.

Searching for information and products from our wide range of brands will be much more functional. Users will be able to find relevant services as per their expectations.

Despite the benefits, one common concern is the integration and implementation of AI. This includes technical challenges, increase in costs, and pushback from employees. Regardless, respondents see the benefits of AI to knowledge and discovery as a worthy investment and business necessity.

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