Organized data is the key to helping businesses uncover valuable insights and make confident business decisions. However, knowledge is constantly being created at every corner of a company, making it hard for knowledge teams to pinpoint what information is available—and who it’s relevant to.

Knowledge management systems lack perspective, which creates struggles for knowledge teams that are trying to connect employees with information aligned with their job roles. In the recent 5.4.3 platform release, Lucidworks‘ makes modifying cumbersome strings of code to create or edit business rules and page layouts a thing of the past. Knowledge teams can now use their creativity to build dynamic pages, optimize content discovery with recommendations, and publish business rules using an intuitive, drag and drop user interface.

Personalize unified search experiences using little to no coding efforts

Each employee’s search needs vary. To name a few, engineers need documentation and specs, sales needs collateral and decks, marketing needs partner and vendor assets, and HR needs policy artifacts. Lucidworks helps connect users with the correct information, utilizing user signals to surface results aligned with an employee’s work line and business goals. Give knowledge workers complete control over all assets and resources across third-party systems—from one single endpoint. Empower them with a tool that visualizes, modifies, and publishes business rules with ease.

Using Lucidworks‘ intuitive user interface, knowledge teams can assign business relevancy rules via drag-and-drop functionality. Freely arrange result assortment or pin, boost, block, or bury selected assets.

But that’s not all; arrange pages layouts beyond product assortment by easily designing page layouts to include personalized recommendations for each employee.

Optimize page zones with recommendations

Limiting your page zones to just search results can hinder your employees‘ performance and ability to discover other valuable internal content. Optimize entire page layouts with user recommendations that promote assets and resources that align to a user’s goals, geography, interest, and line of work. Choose to recommend item-to-item recommendations, specific categories, trending items, and much more.

Apply recommendations to page zones using user-configurable templates. With ten clicks or less, adding and publishing recommendations to page zones has never been easier. Simply click on adding a new zone, add recommendations as the type, fill in descriptions, and hit publish.

Quickly design, save and publish page templates across systems with zero coding effort.

Eliminate manual rules maintenance with automation

Knowledge teams are constantly searching through the results of other departments to make sure the correct results are returned and identify broken queries. Such upkeep can take hours—possibly days or weeks—to complete, but with Lucidworks, it only takes seconds.

Eliminate tedious query performance tasks by giving knowledge teams insight for both query performance and collateral – in real-time. Lucidworks‘ solutions deliver out-of-the-box analytics that detects low-performing queries (terms, phrases, synonyms, misspellings, etc.) and suggests rewrites aligned with a user’s intent. New rewrites are determined using automated knowledge graphs that decipher contextual meaning and user signals to map rewrites to high-performing assets. If, however, a company lacks signal data, knowledge teams can leverage Lucidworks‘ prebuilt signals for effective cold starts.

Too long, didn’t read

The digital workplace is constantly creating disparate data across third-party systems—making it problematic for employees to find the assets they need when they need it. Each employee across a company needs specific assets and resources that align with what they do.

Connect each employee to the information they need while giving your knowledge teams complete control and oversight of data across platforms using an intuitive UI. Empowering your employee support teams has never been easier.

To learn more about Lucidworks‘ can help optimize your work search, check out Lucidwork’s Katie Boschele’s talk at this year’s ACTIVATE, the search and AI conference, below.

For more information on Lucidworks‘ workplace solution and the 5.4.3 platform release, please visit here.

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