Use Search to Your Kickstart B2B eCommerce Strategy

With the explosion of ecommerce over the past couple of years, verticals that were not accustomed to planning an ecommerce strategy have had to scramble to keep up. Most surprising was the rise of ecommerce in the B2B space – across manufacturers and distributors – all the way to the retailer. Digital transformation has been top of mind for most companies for many years, but now urgency to shift is more pressing than ever. If B2B companies prioritize search to optimize their ecommerce strategy, they’ll undoubtedly see their bottom line grow and most importantly, improve their customer and buying experiences at an impressive rate.

In this session you’ll learn: How to choose the right search solution to help you drive an omnichannel buying cycle in B2B, Which verticals are seeing the most growth and why it’s important to tweak your search solution based on verticalized needs, Why personalization is most important if finding – not browsing – is your ecommerce strategy.

Jenny Gomez, VP Fusion Marketing

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