Unveiling the Power of Large Language Models in Conversational AI

Looking to learn more about Large Language Models (LLM’s) such as Chat GPT and BARD and the profound impact on Conversational AI? Watch this webinar for an exhilarating podcast style session that offers a deep dive into the groundbreaking world of AI and how to prepare your organization to maximum capabilities.

This webinar uncovers the challenges facing the world of conversational AI and how LLM’s can help overcome these hurdles. We discuss the human-like responses and offer insightful suggestions to engage in dynamic conversations in a variety of fields including customer service, employee experience and e-commerce.

We focus on the ethical considerations and implications of leveraging AI to ensure your organization is set-up for success and understands the importance of responsible AI implementation.

You will walk away with a deep understanding of:

  • How your organization can leverage AI to enhance the customer’s experience, automate tasks and increase customer satisfaction through improved operational efficiencies.
  • The future of AI by understanding the opportunities and challenges associated with advanced capabilities to stay ahead of the competition.
  • How to foster strong customer relationships and remain competitive in the marketplace.


Sanjay Mehta, Head of Industry, Ecommerce, Lucidworks

Katrina Schiedemeyer, Customer Experience & Innovation Manager, Publicis Sapient