Smart Rank: Ranking Browse Navigation Elements to Improve Engagement & Conversion

Shoppers interact with more than a category product listing when they browse an ecommerce site. Megamenus, recommended subcategories, special offers, and refinements are all potential touchpoints in the browse experience. Smart Rank employs a combination of shopper signals, the concept of relatedness, and semantic similarity to filter and rank every element in the browse experience. The hypothesis is that showing the right elements in the right order will increase the probability of and shorten the path to browse conversion.

Attendees will learn how Smart Rank combines multiple influencers to augment and rank category product listings, filters and ranks refinements to increase engagement and conversion, allows for a combination of dynamically ranked refinements and curated, fixed order refinements, supports subcategory recommendations, personalizes ranking through segmentation, uses semantic similarity to augment sparse categories.

Phil Ryan, Chief Architect, VP Field Engineering, Lucidworks

Eric Redman, Head of Product Strategy, Fusion, Lucidworks

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