Regeneron MetaBio Data Discovery Platform

Regeneron MetaBio Data Discovery Platform is a cloud-based machine learning scientific data discovery engine that provides access to curated and contextualized data. It automates the time-consuming process of preparing data for analysis by organizing, standardizing, and compiling data from available and authorized data producers. Having these datasets available in one place, in a unified format, allows researchers to quickly extract important information about various therapeutic functions without having to worry about how to prepare or find the data. MetaBio has broad, flexible application across the business.

MetaBio vastly increases our ability to globally source and make sense of data on topics of interest, augmenting human intelligence with technology to go broader and deeper in our search for meaningful and relevant data. It allows for greater utilization of our greatest resource, time, through the process of finding and structuring data to enable potentially lifesaving insights and actions. Our researchers now have the ability to view and navigate all the association within and across a much richer set of data. IT is unique in the scope and scale of the dataset aggregated, and in its ability to be addressed as an integrated, federated, and unified data store.

Shah Nawaz, VP, Head of Digital Technology & Engineering, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Abdul Shaik , Senior Director, Head of Data & Analytics Architecture & Insights, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

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