Designing An Exceptional Search Experience: Start With The End In Mind

With new machine learning methodologies and innovations taking the search industry by storm, designing a user experience (UI) that aligns not just to relevant results but to predictive and personal experiences is the way of the future. Think about the users–they don’t want to spend their time searching, they want to find their files and get back to work. Relevant search results in an intuitive, easy-to-navigate UI are what the users care about. Visualize what you want the user to experience, then wrap data and services around that, which means you’ll get closer to an ideal transformational outcome for your users. Join our experienced technologist and leader: Get tactics and techniques that create a knowledge management experience that is based on user goals–not system capabilities. The time to transform the way your users discover knowledge is right now!

Patrick Hoeffel, VP, Alliances, Lucidworks

Presented at KM World 2022

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