AI Powered Buying Journeys: A New Frontier for Digital Commerce B2B Personalization

Watch this exclusive presentation of survey results and data analysis from Digital Commerce 360 and Forrester Research. This insightful session offers a critical perspective on the past, present, and future state of the B2B digital commerce user experience and the pivotal role that generative AI and advanced analytics play in empowering sellers to meet demanding customer expectations.

Led by an esteemed panel of industry leaders, this webinar will dive deep into this unique body of research, and provide insights on the following topics:

  • The purchasing features that B2B buyers find most important
  • Where B2B buyers prefer to purchase and why
  • How B2B sellers can leverage generative AI and advanced analytics for hyper-personalized customer engagements on the buying journey
  • How generative AI transforms mundane product data into compelling product titles, attributes and descriptions
  • How advanced econometric and machine learning models can improve tactical pricing for B2B buyer personas


Val Du Vernet, Senior Director, Digital Strategy & Optimization, McKesson

Sanjay Mehta, Head of Industry, Ecommerce, Lucidworks

Jayme Reynolds, Principal Director of Commerce and Data, Grid Dynamics

Mark Brohan, Senior Vice President, B2B and Market Research, Digital Commerce 360

Paul Demery, Editor, Digital Commerce 360

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