Generative AI: Transforming The Search Experience

Generative AI Field Guide PDF Preview

As companies strive to modernize infrastructure to meet search demands, customer preference aligns with digitally strategic companies. Recent survey results from Lucidworks highlight search practitioners‘ desire for AI-based solutions. 100% of respondents ranked search relevance as highly important, while 96% said it is difficult to deliver. 76% view relevant search delivery as more important in the future, and 88% believe AI will be important in helping deliver relevant searches in the future.

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  • How Generative AI and LLMs are becoming increasingly important for enhancing search experiences.
  • Why Generative AI and LLMs are vital for the future of e-commerce and improving search relevance.
  • Considerations regarding factual grounding, data usage, security, and workflows.


Melissa Hill, Lucidworks VP of Product Management said, “AI will not solve all search issues, but harnessing what it does best—complex processes at scale—is a natural application to the immense data sets and models that help make search and browse more relevant.” Our clients regularly ask about, and even bring us, data models they want to use for search and discovery. Our view has always been to embrace any new model—ours, a customer’s, or a third party’s—and apply what works best. Lucidworks’ embrace of open models parallels our approach to technology: open is better, as long as there are appropriate guardrails and guidance.

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