B2B Businesses Prioritize Ecommerce to Meet Customers‘ Growing Demands

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Ecommerce capabilities have become a top priority for forward-thinking B2B businesses. Once an afterthought, the value of digital capabilities surged during the pandemic as they helped streamline supply chains, improve customer experience, and lower costs. B2B buyers today not only expect companies to offer ecommerce capabilities, but they also expect convenience and speed when purchasing online.

To discuss how B2B companies can optimize their ecommerce offerings to meet the expectations of today’s B2B buyers, Digital Commerce 360 spoke with Eric Redman, Senior Director Product, Data Science and Analytics, at Lucidworks.

This report covers:

  • What ecommerce technologies are most important to B2B businesses
  • Why are some B2B companies still falling behind with regard to adopting ecommerce capabilities
  • How can they overcome these challenges


Investing in customer relationship management tools and loyalty programs and seeking feedback helps nurture long-term relationships. These critical technologies create a top-tier experience with minimal ongoing effort.

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